Our products

As part of the OKE Group, we use our global network and international production sites to produce where our components are needed!

KKF stands for special components for the vehicles of the future:

  • large components
  • 2K parts with thin wall thicknesses
  • Visible parts for the vehicle exterior
  • Grained parts for the vehicle interior
  • Technical components for the engine compartment
  • manual to fully automatic module assembly
  • Products made of fiber composites

Production lines with pre-assembled component groups

Injection molded parts from the production of KKF and other complementary components are processed directly in the production line.

For our customers, we take over the complete production of pre-assembled component groups within the value chain. Our component groups are only delivered to our customer after a 100% output control on the production line.


Fiber composites

A special feature is our pultrusion. The well-known manufacturing process we have developed so that in terms of speed and reproduction accuracy hardly anyone can hold the water!

Therefore, our Pultrusion is also interesting for everyday objects, such as the spring strips for GOODSIDE®, a slatted frame with very special ergonomic properties.

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