Injection molding and more

KKF is one of 19 individual companies of the OKE Group. As part of the OKE Group, we are known as KKF for our aerodynamic plastic components, which reduce the energy consumption of vehicles with conventional drives.

These are single-component and multi-component parts with a component weight of up to 9.5 kilograms - for example, when it comes to aerodynamically optimized cW floor groups or wheel well shells. Our specialty is injection molded large components. The bigger the better!

Our work usually begins with the design and choice of materials suitable for plastics and ranges from partially and fully automated assembly lines for smaller assemblies to optimizations in series production.


We offer comprehensive service beyond pure injection molding, making us a reliable partner to the major car manufacturers worldwide. With our optimizations of air resistance and vehicle weight, we also make an important contribution to the realization of marketable electric cars.

The best employees

For our top position, we need the best people. And we get that, because employee-friendliness has a very special status with us.

With us there are free sports and activities in our own fitness area, an inter-company childcare, a company restaurant with really delicious, health-oriented cuisine and much more.

Then just get to know us a little better!

Our locations in Goslar